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I made some icons a while back for [profile] lizamarie she didn't want all of them so behind the cut are the ones that are up for grabs. As well as some new icons, filling a request from [profile] lfg1986. So behind the cut are some Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles icons. They're all up for grabs.
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[profile] lfg1986 also had a request up about Friends Only banners and Wallpapers, I made a few. Also if anybody wants me to add something to any of the things I post here. Just ask.

Then there's a very simple header I made. Filling a request for [profile] quirkycutee. Don't know if she wanted it, but if any of you guys want anything done to it so you can use it, just leave me a comment. I'll customize it any way you want.
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At last but not least, caps from 'Amadeus' that I'd promised [profile] miss_nightowl. They're available for everyone, you can download them HERE. It's BMP files, 178MB.
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Supernatural icons, mainly Dean Winchester, but there are a few Sam icons as well.

Rules are simple: Comment, credit, enjoy!

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Feel free to join this journal. :D

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